Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza (Spiral Bound)

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Customer Reviews

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Linda Isaacs
Easy to Use

A friend has the book and I was watching her bake bread. I was impressed by how easy it was to use. So I ordered one. Haven't used it yet, but it feels sturdy and easy to use. Can't wait to start.

Sarah Fleming
Great Book

Not only is the book itself awesome - the bread is amazing! - but the ability to lay the book open and not fight with flipping pages is wonderful and makes following recipes much easier!

Emily Godson
I need all my books like this!

First-the content of the book is wonderful, but the spiral binding and ability to keep it open to the right page without help while wrists deep in dough is everything. Will definitely be buying from here again.

Scott Smith
Flour Water Salt Yeast

Very well written book. Great detail and content. However, the publisher has not properly adjusted the margins for the spiral bound version. With this oversight some text and figures are cutoff by the holes for the spiral binding.

Robert Shearer
Review of spiral bound book purchase.

This book is great! This spiral bound is the way to go. I bought a book that has recipes in it and it is so much easier to read it while baking the various recipes since it lays flat. I really wish more books were made with the spiral bound method.