The Homestead Canning Cookbook: •Simple, Safe Instructions from a Certified Master Food Preserver

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Renae Lemon
Beautiful and easy to read!

We are excited to start using this beautiful canning cookbook. It is easy to read because it does lay flat.

Glenda Merklin (gspm52)
Christmas gift

This looks like a great cookbook that was on a family member's wish list, and when I saw it was available in spiral for flat viewing while baking, I got this one! She was very happy with the book. The original dates-of-arrival range included before Christmas. You did great . . . it was UPS that bungled.

I was very disappointed with UPS (and not the first time). You prepared it for shipment immediately but UPS took its own sweet time, even prolonging expected date of arrival from the original estimate. When it sat and sat at UPS without any movement or updates, I was not pleased. Finally it gave a date for delivery of December 29 but it didn't even make that. It didn't arrive until 9:01 p.m. on Friday, December 30, 2022, after it had been transferred to USPS. USPS did the best they could by the time it got to them. UPS was the weakness of this delivery.

Desert Dweller
Love, love, love the spiral bound books

Having a recipe book that lays flat is so essential

Great deal

Loved the books and they arrived quickly!